The Latest News on Sustainable Transport & Mobility

The Latest on Sustainable Transport

Issue III, April 2024
What's inside:

The New Mobility Foundation: An Interview With Jan Peter Balkenende and Erik Jonnaert.

“Transportation Is My Country’s Last Big Transformative Endeavour.” An Exclusive Interview With Marius Skuodis, Minister of Transport and Communications, Republic of Lithuania. 

Making EVs Fit for the Future. – Lucien Mathieu – Transport & Environment (T&E)

Allianz Partners’ Joe Mason: Powering Confidence in Tomorrow.

Sustainable Mobility Requires a Rapid Roll-Out of Infrastructure That Considers the Differences Within the EU. – Nils Torvalds – Member of the European Parliament.

Focus on Europe, the EU, and Fit for 55

E-Mobility and the Importance of the Just Transition Mentality

By Philippe Colpron, Head of ZF Aftermarket International Energy Agency figures show that global electric car sales exceeded 10 million in 2022, with Norway leading the way with electric car sales accounting for 88% of the market. Autonomous vehicle projects

Focus on Europe, the EU, and Fit for 55

Greener, Greater, Britain.

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Greener, Greater, Britain.

Flying on Empty?

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Slaves to International Comity

By Andrew Charlton, FRAeS What if William Wilberforce had decided there was a need for international comity before campaigning to abolish slavery? At best, it would have been abolished about half a century later, after the American Civil War –

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