7 Days Until the Zero Emission Bus Conference 2023: With Over 400 Expected Participants, the Countdown Has Begun for the Biggest Edition Ever!

In just under a week, hundreds of key stakeholders in the sustainable transport sector will join together at Europe’s leading event for zero emission buses and coaches. ZEB 2023 is set to be the 5th and biggest edition yet, offering a powerful blend of insightful conference sessions and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Indeed, the expected number of participants for the 4 half days in Brussels is approaching 400 – and counting! In the past years, the number of participants to the Zero Emission Bus conferences has been growing with 350 attendees in Cologne in 2018 and 400 attendees in Paris in 2021. There’s no denying that this edition at Busworld Europe will attract more people than any other and break the record of the last ZEB edition in Paris. Don’t delay – secure your ticket now to be part of THE event on electric and hydrogen buses and coaches!

The conference aims to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission buses and coaches in Europe and beyond through the gathering of pioneering minds and innovations, which span the entire transport sector. It’s the perfect platform to discuss key issues and form new partnerships needed to achieve the desired Europe-wide transition to clean buses.

European Commission, FlixBus, Transdev, IRU… the conference will feature 78 expert speakers from organisations leading the transition to zero emission across the world.

Who will be there? The conference attracts experienced bus operators and transport authorities, European and national politicians, research bodies and transport associations, NGOs, and and OEMs, infrastructure, and service providers from the zero emission bus supply chain.  

Organisations speaking at the conference include the following:

…and many more!

View the full list of speakers here.

Venue: Busworld Europe, Brussels

The location is none other than Busworld Europe, the pivotal event for the bus & coach world. With an anticipated 38,000 visitors, it is expected to be a dynamic hub of networking and connection-building. With over 500 exhibitors, including the 80 biggest bus manufacturers, attendees will be able to see real life examples of the cutting-edge solutions discussed in the ZEB conference.

The 4 half-day agenda provides visitors and exhibitors at Busworld Europe the opportunity to attend the ZEB Conference for part of the day without missing out on what the rest of Busworld has to offer. This year, the ZEB Conference offers day tickets, which can be secured for a fraction of the price of a 4-day pass.

Find all the ticket options here.

Technical Performance, Total Cost of Ownership, Data Analytics and more… Content of the ZEB Conference is designed to cover all aspects of a full fleet transition to zero emission.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this impactful event. Secure your spot today by registering on the Registration page.

Find out more on the conference website Zero Emission Bus Conference | Brussels, 9-12th October 2023 (zebconference.eu) and social media – LinkedIn (European ZEB Conference | LinkedIn) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/EUZEBconference) – for all the latest updates.