About Ibex Publishing

At Ibex Publishing, our mission is to help industry, academia, NGOs, and the public sector come together to overcome today’s most pressing issues.

To cultivate discussions, scholarship, and partnerships, Ibex Publishing offers curated magazines, newsletters, and events on paramount topics such as the nexus between the transportation sector and environmental sustainability.

Ibex Publishing attracts an array of audiences ranging from industry actors, such as operators and OEMs, to policy and legal pundits from the public and private sectors, and academic experts working at the forefront of their respective fields.

Our Products and Services

Ibex Publishing is at the forefront of chronicling and shaping the discourse on sustainable transportation. Our suite of products and services is meticulously curated to serve professionals, stakeholders, and enthusiasts within this critical sector.

The Green Mobility Magazine

Our flagship annual periodical, The Green Mobility Magazine, is a compendium of scholarly articles, case studies, and industry reports that delve into the multifaceted realm of sustainable transportation. The publication is designed to foster a profound understanding of the environmental challenges and technological advancements shaping the future of mobility. It is an indispensable resource for policymakers, researchers, and practitioners seeking to facilitate the transition to greener transport solutions.

Online Platform

Complementing our print publication is an expansive online platform that offers a continuous stream of content, including news, insights, and comprehensive analysis. This digital resource serves as a pulse on the ever-evolving landscape of green mobility, ensuring our readership remains abreast of the latest developments, emerging trends, and critical reflections from thought leaders across the globe.

Annual Directory

Our annual directory is an authoritative resource that enumerates consultancies dedicated to the sustainable transport sector. It serves as a vital networking tool, enabling stakeholders to identify and engage with experts who provide tailored guidance and strategies to navigate the complexities of sustainability in transportation. 

Event Moderation and Communication Services

To further disseminate knowledge and spur collaborative efforts, Ibex Publishing offers Event Moderation and Communication Services. We specialize in orchestrating dialogues, seminars, and conferences that convene the brightest minds in the field. Our services ensure that these gatherings are not only informative but also impeccably managed, fostering an environment conducive to meaningful exchange and shared learning.

Each of Ibex Publishing’s offerings is crafted with the utmost precision to empower and enlighten our audience while steadfastly promoting sustainability principles within the transport sector.

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Our team


Thomas Jérémie Hayden-Lefebvre – Director, Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Thomas founded Ibex Publishing in 2021 following his desire to help overcome the world’s most pressing issues through media and collaboration.

Thomas completed the Post-Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP University in 2021. He equally holds an MSc in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University (2019-2020), and a B.A. (Mod.) in Political Science and Geography from Trinity College Dublin (2015-2019).

Before starting Ibex Publishing, Thomas worked as a freelance news writer and volunteered for various NGOs around the world.

Thomas is passionate about transport, sustainability, law, and public policy. He is also a regular speaker and moderator at trade events across Europe.

"Santorin (GR), Fira, Caldera" by Dietmar Rabich licensed underCC 4.0

Our environmental

At Ibex Publishing, we are profoundly concerned by global climate change and are committed to doing our utmost to minimize and reduce our company’s environmental footprint.

Consequently, Ibex Publishing actively seeks suppliers who offer products and services with comparatively reduced or net-zero environmental impacts. Moreover, we design our publications with the objective of minimising and reducing their negative climate impacts.

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