Advertising with
Ibex Publishing

At Ibex Publishing, we offer a broad selection of online and print advertising opportunities catered to the needs of large organisations, SMEs, research and academic institutions, and non-profit groups.

Our content reaches a broad array of transport and environment stakeholders, many of whom are senior professionals working for transport operators, government administrations, higher education institutions, and professional services firms across Europe and around the world.

"London Underground" by The1keith licensed under CC 4.0

"London Underground" by The1keith licensed under CC 2.0

"Old Fiat 500" by Penguin9 licensed under CC 4.0

"Old Fiat 500" by Penguin9 licensed under CC 2.0

Magazine display advertising

Ibex Publishing’s premier periodical, Green Mobility Magazine, is the perfect opportunity to promote your flagship communication campaign to an audience of learned readers. Furthermore, Green Mobility Magazine’s dual distribution (digital and print) ensures that your campaign will reach an array of consumers, thereby best allowing for increased brand awareness and impactful thought leadership.

To meet the needs of any communications strategy, Ibex Publishing offers a wide array of premium and standard traditional advertising solutions at highly competitive rates. Moreover, for Green Mobility Magazine’s first edition (H1 2022) special “introductory” pricing applies to both the online and printed editions of the publication.

Isn't print dead?

Whilst it is true that generic magazine sales are on a steady decline, academic research suggests that audience attention and readership retention can decline by 72% when publications forgo print copies in favour of digital access!

N. Thurman and R. Fletcher, “Effects of a Magazine’s Move to Online-only: Post-print Audience Attention and Readership Retention Revisited,” Journalism Practice, vol. 14, no. 10, pp. 1225-1243, 2020.

Advertorial solutions

In addition to traditional print advertising, Ibex Publishing is proud to offer advertorial solutions designed to best retain audience attention, overcome “ad-fatigue”, and engage in a thorough and fruitful discussion with the reader. Additionally, clear indication of advertorial content in the publication will ensure that potential customers will have all the information necessary to contact the relevant advertiser.

All advertorial solutions are offered in three sizes and may include a combination of text and images. Furthermore, the content of the advertisement can be “self-submitted” or “commissioned”*. In the case of the latter, Ibex Publishing will use its editorial competencies to produce an advertorial following the client’s instructions.

*Images must be produced or paid-for by the client. Additional fees may apply.

"Parque Estadual de Ilhabela" by João D'Andretta licensed under CC 4.0

"Parque Estadual de Ilhabela" by João D'Andretta licensed under CC 2.0

"Eastern Washington Truck" by Ikiwaner licensed under CC 3.0

"Catalan boats - Sète" by Christian Ferrer licensed under CC 2.0

Social media audience snapshot*:

Primary seniority: Senior (40%)

Primary location: London (28%)

Primary industry: Airlines / Aviation (20%)

Company size by number of employees (tie): 11-50 (24%) / 10,000+ (22%)

*Based on one social media account’s visitor interactions analysis. True as of 29/09/2021.

Digital advertising

At Ibex Publishing, our mission is to help bring together key stakeholders to overcome today’s most pressing issues, including on the web. In view of this, we take an integrated, cross-platform, approach to our online presence as to create a consistent and informative experience for our learned audience.

Consequently, we are pleased to offer a broad array of internet and web-based advertising solutions. These services include website display advertisements, newsletter advertisements, and audience surveys which may increase brand awareness and provide you with actionable data. Furthermore, much like with our publications, we are proud to offer a wide array of native advertising and content marketing solutions aimed at generating leads and promoting thought leadership.

"Container Terminal Eurogate" by licensed under CC 3.0

"China Railway High-speed train" by Kristoffer Trolle licensed under CC 2.0

"China Railway High-speed train" by Kristoffer Trolle licensed under CC 2.0

Tailored affiliate marketing

Ibex Publishing is pleased to offer clients the opportunity to market and sell goods, services, and especially relevant events, through and our associated social media pages. Should you wish to do so, please get in touch with us to discuss individualised affiliate marketing opportunities.

Events, webinars, and podcasts

Having commenced operations in 2021, Ibex Publishing recognises the ever-changing reality of the events industry and appreciates fluctuations in consumer behaviour. As such, Ibex Publishing is pleased to offer advertisers the opportunity to openly connect with an engaged audience through online events, webinars, and podcasts. Indeed, although an arguably imperfect substitute for in-person events, online audio and audio-visual mediums can allow advertisers to educate consumers, promote thought leadership, and increase brand awareness at a comparatively low cost.

For 2021, Ibex Publishing offers advertisers the opportunity to sponsor ad hoc events (event sponsorship packages), and the option to lead curated events (content headline package). For all products, Ibex Publishing will promote the event on its website, newsletter, and social media channels; organise or facilitate ticket distribution; and distribute audio / audio-visual recordings where applicable.

"The Commuters" by ThusoMotlasuping licensed under CC 4.0

"Alpine Ibex" by Giles Laurent licensed under CC 2.0

"London bus and telephone box" by E01 licensed under CC 2.0

"London bus and telephone box" by E01 licensed under CC 2.0

Native advertising

Sponsored posts (500 words) are distributed on or in our monthly newsletter, or both (“single channel” or “dual channel”), and can be circulated on our social media pages for an additional fee. Furthermore, all native advertising packages include a square or rectangle website display advertisement for one month.

Audience surveys

Sponsored surveys are an excellent way to increase brand awareness, obtain actionable data, and promote thought leadership. Standard audience surveys are co-branded and distributed on and our associated social media pages whereas, enhanced surveys are distributed in our monthly newsletter as to ensure optimum response rates. Additionally, survey results can be combined into a report and sponsored post.

"Green and yellow taxi at night" by Basile Morin licensed under CC 4.0

"Green and yellow taxi at night" by Basile Morin licensed under CC 2.0

"CityJet Avro RJ85" by Aleem Yousaf licensed under CC 2.0

"CityJet Avro RJ85" by Aleem Yousaf licensed under CC 2.0

Content marketing

Content marketing is the perfect way to increase thought leadership through in-depth self-submitted assets such as reports, whitepapers, videos, webinars. All content marketing packages include one (1) asset uploaded to the website, two social media posts to promote the asset (70-200 words), promotion of the asset in our monthly newsletter, and periodical reporting of audience data upon request.


At Ibex Publishing we understand the importance of finding the right candidates for any given job. Provided this, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive vacancy package. The package, valid for 35 days, includes the distribution of one vacancy on Ibex Publishing’s website, social media pages, and monthly newsletter.

"Te Apiti Wind Farm" by Geoff McKay licensed under CC 2.0

"Te Apiti Wind Farm" by Geoff McKay licensed under CC 2.0