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We empower brands and public relations professionals with the advertising & communications tools they need to engage with the most influential sustainable transportation stakeholders from across the world.

Our Portfolio

With a strong reputation for delivering high-quality and lasting content, we reach senior transport, energy, and policy-sector professionals through a portfolio of media offerings. 


Ibex Publishing’s digital  platform provides a global audience with news, analysis, reports & op-eds.


Our flagship periodical, containing 90+ pages and published once a year, is distributed, free-of-charge, at dozens of industry events every year.


The Green Mobility Magazine Directory offers the perfect platform to market one’s consulting services. 


Our events unite the sustainable transport-world’s leading figures and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Our Audience

Our audience consists of the most influential sustainable transport, energy, and infrastructure professionals and policymakers from across Europe and beyond.

Projected reach and readership in 2024

Reach: 128,400



Green Mobility Magazine readers across the print and digital editions of the 2023 issue.  

1 in 2

Green Mobility Magazine readers hold c-suite, board, ownership, or management positions.


Our website readers 5.09x more likely to work in Compliance, Governance, and Risk segment than average.

UK, USA, Belgium

are the three most prominent reader source countries. 

Luxury Travellers

72% of our website readers are in the “luxury traveller” segment.


23% of  our website readers make $150k+ or more. 

University Educated

67% of our website readers hold a university degree.

Our Solutions

At Ibex Publishing, we pride ourselves on providing tailored media solutions in order to meet every client’s unique needs.

Below are some examples of the solutions which we can offer. 


Op-eds and thought leadership pieces to foster a positive reputation.


Full-page advertisements and digital banners to increase visibility and awareness.


Interviews, client success story, or profile features to raise brand and individual influence. 


Reports, videos, -and social media actions to increase engagement

Our Commitment to Transparent, Ethical, & Sustainable Business Practices.

At Ibex Publishing, we value transparency, ethical business practices, and sustainability at every level of our operations. We recognize the urgent need to address the pressing issue of global climate change and are fully committed to playing our part in mitigating its impact. Our dedication to this cause is reflected in our transparent and ethical business practices, and sustainable initiatives.

We believe in open and honest communication with our stakeholders. We strive to provide accurate and comprehensive information about our activities, operations, and impact on the environment. Through regular communication channels, such as our website, social media platforms, and reports, we ensure that our stakeholders are well-informed about our sustainability efforts and progress. By the same coin, we make every reasonable effort to ensure that our readers are made aware of any paid communication activities which may be disseminated in our media.  
We work with a wide array of public, private, and non-governmental entities. However, we refuse to contract with organisations who are engaged in unlawful conflict or who are in violation of international law. Similarly, whilst we recognise the existence of diverging opinions on how to adapt to, mitigate, and overcome the climate crisis, Ibex Publishing Media Solutions refuses to do business on projects which actively seek to dispute the presence, importance, or urgency of climate change or climate  actions.
At Ibex Publishing, sustainable business practices are at the core of everything we do. Indeed, we work towards minimizing our carbon footprint by optimizing our transportation logistics, promoting remote work options, and encouraging the use of public transportation among our employees. Similarly, where feasible, we opt to use recycled, biological, and less harmful raw materials, such as cotton, paper, and inks, in all our physical products. Moreover, provided that the majority of our readers are based in Europe, most of our products are produced and distributed from Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom.

Your Partners in Strategic & Sustainable Communications

The Ibex Publishing Media Solutions Team is at the disposal of any organisation wishing to engage with our audience of influential sustainable transportation, energy, and policy professionals. 

To learn more about advertising opportunities or to discuss your media needs, please contact a member of our team. 

Ben Fitch,

Commercial Director

Email: ben@ibexpub.media

Ben Fitch 

Commercial Director

Email: ben@ibexpub.media
About Ben: Ben Fitch is an independent sales and publishing consultant with over 17 years of experience in the financial publishing sector, most recently as an associate publisher at the Financial Times.
The images featured in the carousel are representative of our commercial, editorial, and media partnerships, as well as our events and social media engagement. 

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