Announcement: Green Mobility Magazine Issue III: “Electric” – Call for Submissions! 

Announcement: Green Mobility Magazine Issue III: “Electric” – Call for Submissions! 

Following the successful launch of the first two issues of the Green Mobility Magazine, Ibex Publishing is delighted to announce the theme for Issue III -“electric”!
Indeed, for more than a decade, policy makers and OEMs have pointed to electric-powered transportation as the future of clean and green mobility. However, whilst electric vehicles may work on the road, some sectors, such as aviation and maritime, cannot be commercially operated with battery-powered electric propulsion today.
Similarly, although electric cars already make up nearly 18% of new vehicle registrations in Europe (EEA), debates continue over whether our primary energy mix negates any environmental gains; whether our infrastructure is sufficient to support the growth of electric vehicles; and whether Power-to-X is better suited for heavy goods vehicles, unelectrified rails, and other hard-to-abate forms of transport.
The above questions are only the tip of the iceberg, and the Green Mobility Magazine team at Ibex Publishing calls on all sustainable transport stakeholders, including transport operators, policy specialists, OEMs, researchers, and more, to provide their thoughts on electric mobility in the 2024 issue of the Green Mobility Magazine.
Should you be interested in contributing to Issue III of the Green Mobility Magazine, please feel free to contact Ibex Publishing by email (hello [@] and we can discuss a potential article, interview, or other form of contribution.

What else is new?

We are launching the Green Mobility Magazine Directory: the world’s first resource dedicated to aiding organisations to identify and choose consultancies, law firms, and other providers who serve the sustainable transport sector.
How many pages are in the Green Mobility Magazine?
Issue III of the Magazine is anticipated to be at least 96 pages long. This is the same length as Issue II of the Green Mobility Magazine


How long are article contributions to the Green Mobility Magazine?
Articles can be 500 to 1000 words long (2 pages). We publish shorter and longer articles in exceptional circumstances. 


What topics do you cover in the Green Mobility Magazine?
The Green Mobility Magazine is dedicated to the relationship between all modes of transport and sustainability. The Magazine is therefore mode-neutral and covers policy, technology, and commercial issues relating to sustainable mobility. 


Who can contribute to the Green Mobility Magazine?
Anyone can submit an article for publication in the Green Mobility Magazine. However, we ask that all editorial articles be written in good faith and be non-promotional. Ibex Publishing’s Editorial Team also reserves the right to make any final decisions on whether or not to publish an article in the Green Mobility Magazine. 


How do I contribute an article to the Green Mobility Magazine?
It all starts with an email. Please contact us at hello[@] with your idea, article outline, or draft article, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 


What is the article Submission deadline? 
Article submission deadlines will be communicated in due course and final deadlines will be in late 2023 / early 2024. We are announcing our call for submission early this year to allow writers to draft their prospective articles over the summer holidays. 

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Advertising with the Green Mobility Magazine allows brands to engage with the world’s most important sustainable mobility stakeholders from across all modes of transportation.
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