Following the successful launch of the first three issues of the Green Mobility Magazine, Ibex Publishing is delighted to announce the theme for Issue IV – “finance”!

Indeed, while policymakers can draft legislation and introduce mandates, and producers can innovate and introduce new and more sustainable solutions, financing remains one of the key barriers to a more sustainable transport system.

From sustainable aviation fuel and hydrogen production to rail and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the 2025 issue of the Green Mobility Magazine will dive into the complex and sometimes misunderstood world of public and private finance to identify and ascertain the challenges and opportunities facing sustainable transport actors from across Europe and beyond.  

Green Mobility Magazine invites anyone interested in submitting an article for the next issue of the periodical to contact our team at the addresses below.

Editorial Contributions

Editorial contributions are articles deemed editorial value by our staff or editorial board. They are typically written by academics, policymakers, and not-for-profit organisations. Editorial contributions can be modified by the magazine’s editorial staff, and they cannot feature any content that seeks to promote a good, service, or policy position.

Examples of editorial contributions include letters to the editor, studies, and analysis.

Editorial contribution proposals must be submitted by the following deadlines: 

  • Round 1: September 9th 2024.
  • Round 2: November 11th 2024.
  • Round 3: January 11th 2024.

To submit a proposal for an editorial contribution, please contact:

Thomas J. Hayden-Lefebvre



Media Solutions

The Green Mobility Magazine offers a comprehensive portfolio of tailored multi-media solutions, enabling brands and organisations to engage with and communicate with the most influential sustainable transportation stakeholders worldwide.

To discuss our media solutions and partnership opportunities, please contact:

Ben Fitch

Commercial Director



How many pages are in the Green Mobility Magazine?

Issue VI of the Magazine is anticipated to be at least 96 pages long. This is the same length as Issue II of the Green Mobility Magazine

What should I include in my Editorial contribution proposal? 

The objective of the proposal is to provide our Editorial Board and staff with a comprehensive overview of your contribution. A proposal can be as short as 100 words. Once submitted, our editorial team will review it and may provide feedback or ideas on how to improve the structure or content of the contribution. 

How long are article contributions to the Green Mobility Magazine?

Articles can be 500 to 1000 words long (2 pages). We publish shorter and longer articles in exceptional circumstances. 

What topics do you cover in the Green Mobility Magazine?

The Green Mobility Magazine is dedicated to the relationship between all modes of transport and sustainability. It is, therefore, mode-neutral and covers policy, technology, and commercial issues related to sustainable mobility. 

Who can contribute to the Green Mobility Magazine?

Anyone can submit an article for publication in the Green Mobility Magazine. However, we ask that all editorial articles be written in good faith and be non-promotional. Ibex Publishing’s Editorial Team also reserves the right to make any final decisions on whether or not to publish an article in the Green Mobility Magazine. 

How do I contribute an article to the Green Mobility Magazine?

It all starts with an email. Please email us at hello[@] with your idea, article outline, or draft article, and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

What is the article Submission deadline? 

Article submission deadlines will be communicated above, and final deadlines will be in late 2024 / early 2025. 
We are announcing our call for submission early this year to allow writers to draft their prospective articles over the summer holidays.