Brussels Region to Subsidise Cargo Bikes.

The Brussels Capital Region has announced subsidies of up to €4,000 for SMEs seeking to purchase and exploit cargo bicycles, and up to €2,000 for bicycle trailers. The subsidy is part of a 5.8-million-euro project, €4.7 million of which comes from EU funds through the European Commission ‘s ERDF scheme and the UIA (Urban Innovative Actions) project, to encourage the use of cargo bikes and reduce motor vehicle use in the city.

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According to Bruxelles Mobilité – Brussel Mobiliteit, 25% of all deliveries, and 50% of all light deliveries, can be delivered with a cargo bike. As part of the broader project, CAIRGO BIKE – Clean AIR GO cargo BIKE, the Capital Region teamed up with Vrije Universiteit Brussel, urbike, Remorquable, Pro Velo, OPTIMOBIL Bruxelles, BePark, among others.


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How common are cargo bikes in your region? Are they the future of urban light deliveries?


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