CPK Receives Green Light from the Warsaw Regional Director for Environmental Protection

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) has received a significant environmental decision that paves the way for the construction of the airport and railway node. The Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Warsaw has granted approval, allowing the company to proceed with applying for a location decision and subsequently a building permit. This positive assessment from the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection is a testament to CPK’s commitment to meeting national and European environmental standards.

The approval received from the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in mid-2023 enables CPK to stay on track with its ambitious program. In June, the General Plan for CPK was approved by the Minister of Infrastructure, and the company has already accepted the concept project for the airport and railway station.

“The environmental decision issued by RDOŚ in Warsaw means a green light for building CPK with respect towards the people and the environment. Our goal is to carry out the project in a manner that is optimal for the region,” emphasizes Marcin Horała, the Deputy Minister for Funds and Regional Policy and the Government Plenipotentiary for CPK. Horała also mentions the possibility of receiving a building permit from the Civil Aviation Authority in July, which would allow CPK to apply for the location decision. The subsequent step would be the application for a building permit.

The scope of the environmental decision covers various aspects of the project, including the passenger terminal, buildings and facilities supporting the airport’s operation, air traffic control tower, runways and taxiways, aprons, rail, and road nodes, as well as associated infrastructure such as hotels, commercial buildings, and car parks. Furthermore, it permits the removal of trees and shrubs and authorizes geological works, archaeological investigations, and maintenance tests.

CPK initiated environmental testing in January 2021, with the results consistently factored into the development of the airport master plan. Mikołaj Wild, CEO of Centralny Port Komunikacyjny sp. z o.o., expresses his gratitude to the team for their efforts in developing an extensive environmental report that effectively reduces the project’s environmental impact. He emphasizes the significance of maintaining a rapid work pace without compromising on quality, highlighting the successful completion of the environmental report, which consisted of approximately 20,000 pages with appendices. The environmental decision itself spans over 350 pages.

During the public participation phase, citizens were given the opportunity to submit their comments on the environmental report. RDOŚ in Warsaw received several hundred submissions, totalling over a thousand questions and applications, all of which were addressed by the Regional Director when making the decision on environmental conditions.


As CPK transitions from the planning stage to the design and construction phase, advanced design works for the passenger terminal and railway station are already underway. Foster + Partners, the British consortium serving as the master architect, has completed the concept design and is currently progressing with the construction design.


Simultaneously, CPK is in the process of selecting a strategic partner, a minority shareholder in the airport company responsible for the construction and management of the airport. The State Treasury intends to retain at least a 51% share in the company. The shortlist for potential strategic partners consists of three foreign investors, each possessing vast experience and an established global position.

Construction preparations have been in progress since the beginning of the year, involving activities such as demolition, relocation, and geological drilling. According to the schedule, the first stage of the CPK airport, featuring two parallel runways and infrastructure capable of handling 40 million passengers per year, is anticipated to be commissioned in 2028.


The positive environmental decision received by CPK marks a significant milestone for the project. With a commitment to meeting environmental standards and addressing public concerns, CPK is poised to become a modern transportation hub that will contribute to the region’s development and connectivity.