E-Scooters Beneficial to Urban Centres: Report (UK)

A recent report by the Centre for London has outlined how e-scooters have the potential to reduce car use and improve air quality in dense urban areas. Following this, the report calls for the legalisation of e-scooters across the UK and suggests that Transport for London should have the powers to manage shared micro mobility schemes.


However, in June, the Deputy Mayor of Paris, David Belliard, told AFP that the Ville de Paris was considering banning e-scooters following a tragic hit-and-run incident in the city and broader concerns around safety and e-scooter related anti-social behaviour.


What are your thoughts on e-scooters and micro mobility? How should cities balance the ecological and transportation benefits with safety and social concerns?


Image: Generation Z kids on Electric Scooter by Kristoffer Trolle. Licensed under CC BY 2.0. https://bit.ly/2XZrDBf