EPP Mulls EU-Wide E-Fuel Strategy at Party Conference

As the European People’s Party (EPP) meets in Cascais, Portugal, to establish the party’s priorities for the next parliamentary term, a leaked document seen by the Green Mobility Magazine suggests that the centre-right group could seek to develop a “new E-Fuel/Biofuel/ Low carbon fuel Strategy” akin to the EU Hydrogen Strategy to incentivise and fund investments in the abovementioned.

Accompanying this new tentative “low carbon fuel strategy.” are a number of additional proposals, including:

  • Revising the CO2 regulations for new cars and vans in order to allow the use of alternative fuels, such as e-fuels, biofuels, and low-carbon fuels.
  • Establish a single market for CO2, akin to the gas and hydrogen packages
  • Expand the list of projects in the Net Zero Industry Act and expand regulatory exceptions for “climate-neutral businesses
  • Establishing a technology-neutral definition of “low-carbon hydrogen”.

More broadly, the EPP is also putting heavy emphasis on European competitiveness, with party members set to debate the following at the Conference in Cascais:  

  • Reducing regulation by one-third by 2029 and introducing a binding “1 in 2 out” principle
  • Halting the implementation of CSRD and CSDD reporting duties for companies and reviewing obligations
  • Revising the Industrial Emissions Directive
  • Prospoting the application of the deforestation regulation
  • Introducing a one-stop shop for national and European reporting duties

The policy proposals outlined above are not definitive; party members will debate them at the conference in Cascais, Portugal, from July 2nd to 5th.