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Our Event Moderation & Communications Support Services

Catering to the nuanced needs of the transport, energy, and sustainability sectors.

Professional Event Moderation for the Mobility, Energy, and Sustainability Sectors.

The Green Mobility Magazine offers specialised event moderation that brings a new level of professionalism and expertise to your forums, discussions, and symposiums.

Our services cater specifically to the nuanced needs of the transport, energy, and sustainability sectors, ensuring that each event is efficiently managed and aligns with industry standards and advancements.

Our specialisms:

 Transport & Mobility



European & National Policy

Why Opt for the Green Mobility Magazine’s Event Moderation?

Sector-Specific Expertise:

Our moderators are selected for their extensive knowledge and experience in transport, energy, public policy, and sustainability, providing your event with an informed and focused direction.

Professional Rigor:

We maintain the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring that each event adheres to its stated objectives and timeframes with precision and authority.

Neutral Facilitation:

As experts in the field, our moderators facilitate balanced discussions, drawing out key insights while remaining impartial and objective.

Structured Delivery:

We ensure that every session is delivered with clarity and structure, maximizing the value and comprehension of the content presented.

Comprehensive Communications Support Services.

In addition to our moderation expertise, the Green Mobility Magazine extends its proficiency into strategic communications support, enhancing the visibility and influence of your event.

Our Communications Support Services Include:

Strategic Publicity:

Through carefully crafted press material and strategic outreach, we position your event within the appropriate media channels, targeting industry stakeholders and influencers.


Content Dissemination:

Utilizing our established platforms, we distribute live updates and essential takeaways from your event, ensuring continuous engagement from a wider audience.


Post-Event Reporting:

We generate in-depth reports and analyses that encapsulate the event’s discussions and outcomes, serving as a valuable resource for continued discourse.


Industry Media Networking:

Leveraging our comprehensive network within the transport, energy, and sustainability sectors, we connect your event with key media personnel to enhance post-event communications.

The Expertise of the Green Mobility Magazine

The Green Mobility Magazine is a pillar within the transport, energy, and sustainability communications landscape. Our dedication to advancing these sectors is reflected in the meticulous planning and execution of our event services and publications.

By partnering with Green Mobility Magazine, you align your event with a brand synonymous with industry progression, insightful debate, and thought leadership.

Contact us

Thomas Hayden-Lefebvre


Contact us

Thomas Hayden-Lefebvre


About Tom: Thomas Hayden-Lefebvre is the Founder of Ibex Publishing and Editor of the Green Mobility Magazine. Before establishing Ibex Publishing, he worked as a freelance trade journalist. Thomas holds a PGDL in Law (England and Wales), an MSc in Air Transport Management, and a BA(mod) in Politics and Geography. 

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