Erik Jonnaert, Chairman
Laura Batchelor, Managing Partner

Rue de la Loi 227, Brussels 1040

0733774811 (EU Register of Interest Representatives/EU Transparency Register)

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FIPRA is a public affairs agency at the intersection of business, politics and policy. As your strategic advisors, we champion your public policy goals and deliver value for your business and your stakeholders in a world of change. Independently operated from Brussels and backed by a global network, we are present in over 50 countries.

Key Strengths

Shape Public Policy: We create winning policy strategies with deep expertise in all relevant sectors and have the experience to execute those strategies with impact. We bring the research, insights and reach to make policy move in the right direction.

Coalition and Consensus Building: We bring the knowledge, skills and insights to engage and mobilise the stakeholders that matter, creating coalitions for impact.

Issues Management: We help our clients to navigate the path forward with data and future-focused counsel that can spot issues before they become crises.

Electoral Insights: We produce electoral research that empowers campaigns with the insights to make smart policy and political moves.

Thought Leadership: We arm leaders with the skills and confidence to get heard and make an impact with the people that matter most for the client’s cause.

Measurement: Clients trust us to develop advocacy programmes that can be evaluated and optimised for impact.

Key Clients

FIPRA is registered with the EU Register of Interest Representatives/EU Transparency Register. Further information on FIPRA’s clients may be found on the EU Register website.

Consultancy Primary Category

Government, Regulatory & Public Affairs

Consultancy Secondary Categories

Government, Regulatory & Public Affairs with a focus on following business practices : Transport & Logistics across all transport modes ,including road, air and maritime; Healthcare, Green Technologies, Energy , Circular Economy, ESG , and Digital/ High Tech, Trade and Competition.