Green Mobility Magazine Issue 1 Digital Edition

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The Green Mobility Magazine is the unmatched periodical dedicated to the nexus between all modes of transport and environmental sustainability.



About the First Issue of the Green Mobility Magazine…

The annual Green Mobility Magazine explores an array of sustainable transport issues from commercial, political, and technical perspectives.

In over 70+ pages, the first issue of the Green Mobility Magazine will cover: low traffic neighbourhoods, EV charging, global economic and emissions inequalities, the challenges of electrifying the vehicle fleet in the global south, the future of urban air mobility & the third aviation revolution, and much more.

Contributors to the Green Mobility Magazine come from an array of backgrounds including transport consultancies, civil engineering, public policy, original equipment manufacturers, and academia.


Of Note…

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Table of Contents: 

  1. Letter from the editors – Green Mobility Magazine Editorial Board
  2. Turning the tables: a letter to the editor on aviation. – Pedro Castro
  3. Opinion: uniform vehicle subsidies are a misuse of financial resources, but targeted ones are not. – Georgia King
  4. How can we be better despite the pre-eminence of transport in our lives? – Annie Mirza
  5. Net-Zero carbon emissions – why some people worry about it and others wish they could. – Gabriel Tejam
  6. Environmental challenges faced by Maldives’ tourism industry & risk transfer schemes. – Devika Agarwal
  7. Europe no longer has any excuse for ignoring Light Electric Vehicles in the fight against climate change. – Annick Roetynck, LEVA-EU
  8. “We haven’t had an honest conversation with the public”: LTN controversy highlights the difficulty of transforming transport lifestyles – Philip Webster
  9. Check your speed: Restricting speed to reduce emissions. – Kath Kirkland
  10. Are EVs motoring towards a charging roadblock? – Sam Phelps
  11. Only a modal shift can prevent the impending climate disaster. – Tom Willerton-Garside
  12. Developed vs developing countries: economic and emission disparities – Lucy Wilde
  13. The EU’s green hydrogen plan may not make energy cheaper or greener. – Anna Matilde Bassoli
  14. The bumpy road to electric vehicle adoption in the Global South. – Izzie Renwick
  15. Overhead trains as a solution to UK road congestion & limited railway routes. – Phoebe Bowers & Robert Chicken
  16. Flying taxis won’t land in your backyard – getting cities ready for the third aviation revolution – Wojciech Reczek
  17. Engaging customers with the transition to zero emission buses. – Peter Stephens, Stagecoach
  18. Steering transport toward a sustainable future – Mariana Bastos, Andreea Miu, & Elizabeth Petit González, Sustainable Shipping Initiative
  19. The untapped potential of greening pharmaceutical supply chains – Michael S. Hegglin, SkyCell


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Language: English
Release Date : June 30th, 2022.
Pages: 74
Format: Digital magazine. 

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