Role of Automakers & Dealers in the ZEV Transition in the Middle East

This partner content was published in collaboration with the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit. 

Abu Dhabi February 2022: The transition to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) is a crucial step in reducing the carbon footprint of the transportation sector and mitigating the effects of climate change in the Middle East region. In this region, automakers and dealerships play a vital role in promoting the adoption of ZEVs and creating a supportive environment for their widespread use.

Eng. Naser Al Bahri, EVIS Director said: “The demand for ZEVs in the Middle East is growing as consumers become increasingly environmentally conscious and aware of the benefits of electric vehicles. To meet this demand, automakers such as Tesla, Audi, Porsche, Volvo, and Polestar have established a strong presence in the region. Some of these automakers are also investing in charging infrastructure and producing electric vehicles that meet the needs of consumers in the region.”

Recently, the emergence of local electric vehicle (EV) automakers such as Lucid Motors and CEER in Saudi Arabia is a significant development in the Middle East region’s automotive industry. These local OEMs have the potential to further accelerate the transition to ZEVs by bringing new and innovative technologies to the region. In addition, local OEMs can provide job opportunities and economic benefits to the region, further supporting the transition to ZEVs.

Morgan Sunderland, General Manager at Gargash Motors, said: “With the world gravitating towards a net-zero future, zero-emission vehicles offer a long-term, sustainable solution to climate woes. As a leading business enterprise that is aligned with the overarching vision of UAE’s leadership, Gargash welcomes the clean transportation movement with open arms and remains deeply committed to improving the UAE’s EV quotient by increasing the presence of EV vehicles and charging stations through our robust local and international partnerships.

He added: “The Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit is a breeding ground for like-minded companies and leaders to come together and explore a space that has the global potential to triple in size by 2025, while also pledging their transition to net zero. We’re pleased to be part of the conference and look forward to forging meaningful relationships with manufacturers, producers, fellow dealers and users to make a positive difference in the market.”

According to Hany Tawfik, Head of EGME; “The electric vehicle market is set to grow exponentially in the coming years and EGME is well positioned to deliver electric mobility solutions. We have been testing electric commercial vehicles and passenger cars since early 2021 so that we may provide the best solutions to businesses and individuals here in U.A.E. and the wider GCC region. As the market matures and the government continues to lead the way with visionary goals, we look forward to playing a key role to bring this future into reality.”

Dealerships are the primary point of contact for consumers looking to purchase new vehicles in the Middle East. They play a critical role in promoting ZEVs by educating consumers on the advantages of electric vehicles and helping them make informed purchasing decisions. Dealerships can also provide after-sales support and maintenance services to keep ZEVs running smoothly. In addition, dealerships can actively promote ZEVs by organizing events and workshops to raise awareness and collaborating with automakers to offer attractive financing options and incentives for consumers in the Middle East.

The collaboration between automakers and dealerships is crucial in promoting the adoption of ZEVs in the Middle East region. Events like EVIS2023 that bring players from every link of the value chain together allow opportunities to network and collaborate. By working together, they can create a supportive environment for the widespread use of electric vehicles. Automakers and dealerships can jointly invest in charging infrastructure, promote ZEVs, and offer financing options and incentives to consumers who choose to purchase electric vehicles.

In conclusion, automakers and dealerships play a vital role in promoting the transition to ZEVs in the Middle East region. The emergence of local OEMs such as Lucid Motors and CEER adds to the efforts of established automakers and dealerships in bringing new and innovative technologies to the region. By investing in charging infrastructure, producing electric vehicles that meet the needs of consumers, and collaborating with each other to offer financing options and incentives, they can help to create a supportive environment for the widespread adoption of ZEVs and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future in the region.

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