Soaring UK Electricity Prices Drives Return to Diesel Locomotives.

Significant increases in wholesale electricity prices across the UK has forced some rail operators to dump electric locomotives in favour of diesel-powered trains.


In a press statement, the Rail Freight Group stated that “a 200% increase in electricity costs for each train cannot be absorbed by the operators, or customers and so necessary action is being taken to ensure that trains can continue to operate”.


These UK-specific developments come as the global rail industry attempts to decarbonise operations. In Ukraine, for instance, the national rail operator, JSC Ukrainian Railway, has launched a 1.18bn USD tender for 80 suburban and regional electric trains. According to the International Railway Journal, eight companies including Siemens Mobility, Stadler, Alstom, and PESA Bydgoszcz S.A., have been invited to tender.


Image: Matt Prosser ( ), „Freight Train – panoramio (2)“,