Scott Shepard

Rua da Uva Periquita Lote 1, CC1958, Palmela, Setúbal 2950-065, Portugal

Tax ID: 292828209

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The #CitiesFirst Advisors + Podcast

Mobility & urbanism consultancy at the intersection of urbanism, active transportation, shared mobility, decarbonization & AI.

Key Strengths

  • Policy & Research – Research into digital mobility product and consumer trends, academic publications, public policies and funding mechanisms. Development of best practices, model legislation and government outreach.
  • Strategy – Formulation of business plans, go to market strategy, technical and business milestones, and product / market fit.
  • Product & UX – Evaluation, feedback, testing and user research of existing and future digital mobility products that result in a differentiated and competitive edge.
  • Project & Program Management – Management of complex, technical software and data products and programs.
  • Government Affairs & Procurement – Educate and influence policy makers, provide technical specifications, and guide procurement officials with materials to shape future tenders.
  • Podcast & Comms – Leverage The #CitiesFirst Podcast platform to boost the scope and reach, by sponsoring a series of content in the form of curated panelists, guest speakers, thematic episodes & roundtable webinar panels.
  • Thought Leadership & Public Speaking – Authoring of articles, newsletter contributions, white papers & blogs. Development of abstracts for public speaking engagements.

Key Clients

Representative advisory & CxO experience includes the following:

  • Business Development Director, ARS Traffic & Transport (Netherlands)
  • Chief Commercial Officer, Free2Move (Germany)
  • Chief Business & Product Officer, Iomob (Spain)
  • Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Asistobe (Norway)
  • Head of Policy & Government Affairs, Drover AI (USA)
  • Affiliate, Cityfi Europe (Netherlands)
  • Head of Business Development, US, Protieto Oy (Finland)

Key Experiences

An award-winning urban planner, author, educator, speaker & thought leader, Scott Shepard has his finger on the pulse of everything related to #CitiesFirst, an interdisciplinary term he coined. At the intersection of urbanism, active transportation, shared mobility, decarbonization & AI, Scott delivers real value in the mobility tech ecosystem.

Consultancy Primary Category

Urban Mobility.

Consultancy Secondary Categories

Automotive, Government, Regulatory & Public Affairs, Micromobility, Rail Transport, Urban Mobility, Public Transport.